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Hiding Pycache Files in VS Code

If you’ve been working on Python projects in VS Code, you will notice that __pycache__ folders appear within your project directory and they result in a lot of visual clutter. This post will walk you through getting a little bit more zen back into your editor by freeing up visual real-estate so you don’t need to look at it ever again!

Open Settings UI

In VS Code, open your settings via one of the following methods:

  • Code > Preferences > Settings
  • Cmd+Shift+P > Preferences > Open User Settings

Search for files.exclude

vscode files exclude

Click on Add Pattern and type in **/__pycache__ in the Exclude Pattern box and click OK.

Open Settings (JSON)

If you’d prefer to edit a JSON file, open your preferences by entering Cmd+Shift+P > Preferences: Open Settings (JSON).

Find the entry for “files.exclude” and add the following entry:
**/__pycache__": true

At the end, your settings should look like this:

"files.exclude": {
        "**/__pycache__": true